Since the time, Darjeeling was discovered by the British in India, the hill station grabbed the attention of the tourists and the travelers from all over the world, with its magnetic landscape and appealing natural beauty.
The town though slowly turning out to be a concrete jungle, but still the essence and important of Darjeeling as a hill station is well maintained, which is visited by thousands of hundreds of tourists even today every year. So in order to make the travel me pleasurable and exciting, several tour operators some private limited some with the association of AITA offer exciting Darjeeling tour packages at an exclusive rate with variations in standards.
For those who love to explore the hill town with full of luxury and delight can choose luxury Darjeeling tour package or who are bit short of budget but still want to visit the town to celebrate holidays with friends and family members can opt the budget Darjeeling tour package. If you are looking for more affordable package that would fit right inside your budget, then you can pick up west bengal holiday , Darjeeling Mirik and Kalimpong tour package, Darjeeling Sikkim tour packages, Darjeeling Gangtok Pelling tour package, etc. There are many other affordable packages that are sure to make your travel to Darjeeling and its nearby destinations enjoyable and memorable.
Features of North East Holiday
Almost all the packages that are provided by the tour operators nationally or even abroad by the tour operators come with pre-designed, but on a request some provide customized package as well. So it depends upon your choice. You have the freedom.
Almost all the packages comes at an exclusive price but if you want to grab more discount, book the package in advance so that once the peak season comes, you don’t have to pay the extra sum that automatically rises up.
Almost all the packages for Darjeeling come with pre-designed services. So please check and if you want to make a change in anything you can do it after consulting with the concerned tour operator.
Queen of hills Vacation are designed to provide tourists with ultimate travel experiences. So why to wait and think so much while every year thousands of hundreds of tourists experience the same.
Booking can be done manually by consulting with any of the trusted and renowned tour operator. You can visit to their office and get the booking done. You can also do the same through online. Most of the tour operators provide online booking facilities. Just you need to do is choose the package of your choice and make the payment either through credit card or debit card using the bank gateway present on the website. You can also deposit the sum in the concerned company’s bank account given on the website. These are the procedure of booking and it is very much easier and convenient.
So visit Darjeeling and enjoy happy holidays in the lap of the Himalayas.